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Turkish Baths and Cooling Rooms Return to Diagram

A unique and unusual feature on Titanic were it's Turkish baths available only to first class passengers. It was located on the starboard side of the ship on F Deck behind the pool and in front of the 3rd class dining room. The walls were of a Moorish theme and had ornate green and blue tiles and Arabian lamps mounted on the ceiling. It also featured a marble drinking fountain in the main room.

There was a steam room, hot room, shampooing area, a temperate room, a cooling room, and beds and electric heating lamps. The cost for using it was 4 shillings (1 dollar) There were 5 attendants, both male and female.


One of the most well preserved and impressive areas at Titanic's wreck site is the remains of the Turkish Baths, which is remarkably intact at present. James Cameron, director of the movie Titanic, made several dives to the wreck site and was able to penetrate the Turkish Baths and take some amazing photos. (below) Note the two Arabian lamps still attached to the ceiling and parts of the ornately hand carved wood work below the tiles. On the left wall in the photo, you can see hooks still attached to the wall for robes or towels. There were probably heating beds directly below that area against the wall.

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