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Turbine and Dynamo (Generator) Room Return to Diagram


(Above Left) The huge turbine engine being fitted. (Above right) The turbine's core.

The Parson's turbine directly drove Titanic's center four-bladed, cast bronze propeller. The other two propeller's were powered by the reciprocating engines. The low pressure turbine was powered by exhaust steam from those reciprocating engines.

These engines weren't built for speed as much as they were built for reliability. Most nautical engineers and historians agree that Titanic could most likely have achieved a top speed of 24 knots, which is pretty impressive for 1912 technology. Transatlantic ships and even military surface vessels don't go a whole lot faster than that now.

Titanic's 4 - 400 kw dynamo's were in the same room as the turbine engine. The generators were responsible for everything electrical in the ship. 

For an excellent in-depth technical review about Titanic's turbine engine and propulsion system, see this site for Samuel Halpern's article and diagrams.

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