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Titanic's Third Class General Area Return to Diagram

The third class general room, on the starboard side of C Deck was actually a nice airy room. The pine paneled walls were framed in oak and it had posters on the walls of other White Star Line ships and various ports of call. It had attractive tile flooring and teak chairs and benches. The was an upright piano in the room and surviving third class passengers later stated that there was nightly singing, dancing, and an overall cheery atmosphere. In the day time it basically served a social gathering spot among the women and a playroom for the children. There wasn't a bar and smoking, drinking, and chewing tobacco wasn't allowed in this room. It was more of a family area. There was an adjacent smoke room that served beer, ale, and grog (watered down rum) on the port side of the ship on the same deck level.

(Above image credit: Ghosts of the Abyss - 2003 Disney Pictures)

The forward third class general area today. Remnants of the table bases are still present and attached to the floor.


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