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Titanic's Squash (racquet ball) court.

The squash court, located forward on F and G Deck,  was only available to Titanic's first class passengers. There was an attendant there who supplied the racquets and balls and would play as an opponent if required.

The cost was two shillings (50) for the use of the court and games were limited to one hour if others were waiting. The squash court included an observers' gallery on the deck above (F Deck)

Its interesting to note that as Titanic was sinking, crew members were assigned to periodically go to the squash court observation area on F Deck and look down into the squash court to monitor the rising water level to report back to the officers. The squash court was 32 feet above the water line. When word got to Captain Smith (around midnight) that the squash court was awash, he ordered the lifeboats uncovered.

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