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The ship's firemen, stokers and trimmers were housed forward and would use the spiral stairs and go all the way down to the Orlop Deck to the firemen's passageway to go to work in the boiler rooms and to eat in their designated mess areas. The fireman's passage is sometimes confused with what the crew referred to as "Scotland Road." The firemen's passage was on the tank top and Scotland road was on the port side of "E" deck and ran the entire length of the ship. It was used for the ship's crew  to move food carts, dishes, laundry carts, and other items from one part of the ship to another without being out where the passengers were. Several crew berths were located off Scotland road as well. 


(Above image credit: Ghosts of the Abyss - 2003 Disney Pictures)

As seen in the above photo's, the firemen's spiral stairs are still in place and appear to be intact.

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