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Titanic had a heated saltwater pool located on the starboard side of F Deck (Middle Deck). It was 30' x 12' and was 6 ft. deep. (Note the changing rooms on the top photo. The pool was only available to 1st class passengers and cost 1 shilling to use. (about 25 cents) It had an attendant, James G. Widgery, that supplied towels and acted as a life guard as well as a swimming instructor. The picture below (Olympic's pool) shows mounted ring buoys around it. Note the changing rooms on the left side of the photos, similar to bathroom stalls.

James Cameron (Movie "Titanic" director) made several dives to the wreck site. (Ghosts of the Abyss, 2003) He attempted to get one of the tethered robot camera's into the pool room but he encountered a lot of debris and silt and didn't want to risk getting the robot stuck. He mentioned that when he took a few pictures, the pool tiles reflected the light of the camera strobes, so at least part of it is still intact.

Photos: Titanic's pool is the top photo, (Image: Father Browne Collection) Olympic's pool is shown above. (Notice the different clock placement on the walls of both pools)

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