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"I never saw greater courage or efficiency than was displayed by the officers of the ship. They were calm, polite and perfectly splendid. They also worked hard."

Mrs. John Thayer, Titanic survivor.



The officers' quarters on Titanic were located on the boat deck, just aft of the wheel house. Captain Smith's and 4th officer Joseph Boxhall's quarters were on the starboard side of the ship, Chief Officer Henry Wilde, 1st Officer William Murdoch, 2nd Officer Charles Lightoller, 3rd Officer Herbert Pittman, 5th Officer Harold Lowe, and 6th Officer James Moody were all located on the port side.

Unfortunately, no known interior photos of the officers quarters on Titanic or Olympic are known to exist. The photo (above) shows Chief Purser Hugh McElroy (Left) and Capt. E.J. Smith on the starboard officers deck. The doorway seen in the photo would have led to Capt. Smith's quarters as shown at the bottom of the diagram (above) Neither of the two men survived.

(Above) The officer's quarters as they appear today. Note the glass in the windows are still intact and unbroken. Its been theorized that the open windows seen everywhere on Titanic are due to the pressure from the outrush of air and water (from the inside of the ship) escaping as it was descending to the bottom of the sea.

(Above) The tub is visible in Capt. Smith's bathroom. His bedroom to the right appears to have collapsed, but 4th officer Boxhall's bedroom on the left appears somewhat intact as part of his bed frame is still standing.

Close up of Capt. Smith's bathtub. Note the plumbing is still connected.

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