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Image: Father Browne Collection

Titanic crew member T.W. McCawley, the ships physical education instructor, poses for Father Frances Browne on a mechanical rowing machine in Titanic's gymnasium. In the background on a mechanical horse is Titanic electrician William Parr. Both men perished in the sinking.

Titanic's gymnasium was located on the starboard side of the boat deck across from the second funnel and was only available to first class passengers. There was a charge to use the facility; it cost one shilling that you would pre-pay at the pursers office as you would for use of the Turkish Baths, the squash court, and the pool. Interestingly, as things were done in the Edwardian Era, men and women were required to use the gym separately. The ladies had access from 9AM till noon, the men from 2PM to 6PM, and children were allowed in between 1PM and 3PM. It featured 2 mechanical horses, a mechanical camel, cycling machines, a rowing machine, a weight machine, and a punching bag.

When Dr. Robert Ballard first discovered the wreck site in 1985 he took a tethered robot camera (Jason jr.) and peered into one of the gymnasium's windows. He commented that as far as they could tell most if not all the gym equipment was still intact. On recent dives to the site its been noted that the gymnasium's roof has since collapsed.


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