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1st Class Grand Staircase

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The two figures on the clock at the top of the stairs signify "Honor and Glory Crowning Time."

Image credit: Ghosts of the Abyss 2007, Disney Pictures

A sad look at the grand staircase today in its present state. This view is from the port side on A Deck. (as seen in photo above) The clock on the wall and the wooden stairs have long been gone, disintegrating in the seawater and consumed by wood boring organisms. Just a large dark hole remains. What's amazing is that the decks are intact and the oak newel posts are still standing and haven't been completely consumed after 104 years underwater. The other robot camera is shining its lights down from where the glass dome once was. Not seen in this photo are several light fixtures hanging down from the ceiling. With the ceiling having disintegrated, the fixtures hang by their wires making them look like chandelier's. (see below)


One of Titanic's light fixtures hanging by its wires.


A recovered and restored Titanic light fixture.

Titanic's light fixtures as they were originally mounted.

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