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Titanic had four funnels, or "stacks" three forward that took the smoke from the boilers and a fourth limited function funnel used for ventilation purposes and taking exhaust fumes from the galleys, engine rooms, and the fireplace in the first class smoke room. It was placed on the ship more for looks than function and in order to give the appearance of a mightier ship than it's competitors. At the time, the number of funnels on a ship was perceived by the travelling public and publicists to be indicative of power and safety.

Ladders fitted inside the fourth funnel gave access to the various fittings and trucking so that they were easily reached by the ship's engineers for cleaning and maintenance. The funnels had an elliptical cross-section of 24ft 6in by 19ft, were just over 70ft high above the Boat Deck, and were raked aft to about 11 degrees.

The tops of the funnels were 150ft above the furnace bars. Each funnel was supported by six stays of wound wire rope cable attached to lugs on a strengthening ring located at the base of the black-painted funnel-top. The funnel itself was painted in the White Star livery of buff, and the black top (so painted to help disguise soot marks around the crown of the funnels) was just over one-quarter of the depth of the funnel.

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