The first-class smoking room was located on A Deck. One could enter the smoking room from the aft grand staircase or a revolving door (recently found in the debris field) that led to the Verandah Café. The room, designed in Georgian period style, was exclusive to the first class men. The walls were covered with dark mahogany paneling and inlaid with mother-of-pearl. Situated around the room were numerous chairs, tables, and couches highlighted by leaded stained glass windows and alcoves.

The floor was laid with blue and red linoleum tile and the furniture was upholstered in burgundy leather. Hanging over the fire place was a Norman Wilkinson painting, Plymouth Harbor. This was the only real fireplace on board which funneled smoke through the 4th stack on the ship; so it was possible to see smoke coming from there. The other fireplaces located throughout the first class areas used electricity for heat. The room also included attached bathrooms. Cigars and drinks could be ordered from stewards delivered from the bar in the adjoining Verandah Café.


(Above left) A section of the revolving door that connected the First Class Smoking Room to the Veranda Café. (Above center) a light fixture from the First Class Smoking Room recovered from the debris field.