The room was furnished with wicker chairs and tables, and could hold up to 600 people. On the starboard side, there was an area reserved for a quintet and there was a Steinway grand piano positioned there.

The reception room was open to first class passengers before and after meals. Here, the orchestra played from 4 to 5 pm while tea was served, then after dinner, from 8 to 9:15 pm. Stewards served liquor and cigars until 11 pm, at which time the the room was closed for the night. Generally, there were many spectators in the hall while the orchestra played.


(Above image credit: Ghosts of the Abyss - 2003 Disney Pictures)

Incredibly, the 1st class reception room is very much intact after 103 years underwater. Much of the woodwork, and most of the windows are present and unbroken. This room and the Turkish baths, are probably the best preserved rooms on the entire wreck. Being further inside the ship, both rooms have received much less exposure to moving currents that most likely have a lot to do with it. *Note the robot camera on the left of the photo.


The D Deck candelabra on the grand staircase opening into the reception room.

The following information about Titanic's piano is from Theme and Variations Piano Services

Whilst we have no photo documentation of the pianos on board Titanic, we know that a total of five Steinway & Sons pianos were installed; two Model K uprights, two Model R uprights and a Model B grand that would take pride of place in the first class dining room.

The photo above shows the Steinway & Sons model B on board the RMS Olympic, identical to the model B on board the Titanic. Each piano was ordered from Steinway as a “rough unfinished instrument”, so that their final cabinet work could be completed by master artisans at the Harland and Wolf shipping yards in Belfast, where Titanic was constructed. Instead of brass castors, each piano was specially fitted with brass feet, and they were anchored to the deck to prevent the pianos from moving whilst the ship was at sea.

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Another view of the piano in the reception room along side music stands for the orchestra.

Past expeditions have been unable to locate this piano in the reception room, most likely because part of the upper deck has fallen down on top of it covering it from sight.