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 Crows nest telephone box key recovered from Titanic's debris field

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The forward mast that supported the crows nest (and the ships radio antenna) was hollow and had a ladder and lights inside of it that led up to where the lookouts stood watch. It was accessed on C Deck inside a room. In the crows nest the lookouts had access to the ships' bell and a direct-line phone that went to the bridge. This is where crew members Fredrick Fleet and Reginald Lee first saw the iceberg and alerted the bridge. Three rings of the bell was the signal for an object sighted; Fleet rang the bell, picked up the phone, and said "iceberg right ahead!"

This is the crow's nest as it appeared in 1985 when Dr. Robert Ballard discovered the wreck site. The phone and bell don't appear to be attached to the mast, and the hatchway door the lookout's used to access the crow's nest appears to be missing.

Here's where the crows nest was as it appears today. There's been a lot of finger pointing as to how and who knocked the crows nest off the mast. The consensus is that the fragile crows nest was accidently bumped by a submarine on one of the expeditions and fell through the cargo hatch on the forward well deck. The crows nest phone, key to the phone box, and the bell were found and recovered on the ocean floor in 2007.

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