370-1st class cabins

168-2nd class cabins

297-3rd class cabins.

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Titanic's Interior (Updated April 2015)

Scroll across the entire ship and click on a highlighted area to see interior photos and other areas of the ship.

       Reading Room
       Crew Quarters
       3rd class berths
       Squash Court
       Radio Room
       Coal Bunker 
       1st Class Reception Area
       Crows Nest
       1st Class Staircase
        Glass Dome
       Docking Bridge
       3rd Class Deck Area
        Compass Platform
       Renault Town Car
        Third Class Dining
        First Class Smoking Room
         Verandah Cafe
        Cafe Parisian
       First Class  Parlor Suites
        Engine Room
      3rd Class Smoking  Room port C Deck
       First Class Cabins
        First Class Dining
        3rd Class Galley
        Turbine Engine Room
        1st & 2nd Class Galley
        Promenade Deck
        Barber Shop
       Officers Quarters
        Turkish Baths

  (This particular page will be a work in progress with additions being made as time allows)

        A la Carte Restaurant
   Second Class Cabins
       Second Class Smoking Room
       Second Class Library
       3rd class General Room starboard C Deck
        Ships Hospital - starboard D Deck
       First Class Lounge
       Second Class Dining
       3rd Class Cabins
       Fresh Water Tanks
   Second Class Cabins 2
Cargo Cranes
       Firemen's Spiral Stairs
       First Class  State Rooms
3,547 passengers as follows:
Titanic had accommodations for


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