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Titanic's second class dining room was located aft on D Deck. It extended the beam (width of the ship) and was situated between 2nd class cabins on one side, and the ships hospital and galley on the other. It was a large room with 564 seats which enabled it to feed all of the 2nd class passengers at one sitting. It was described as a beautiful room with oak paneling and posts, a Georgian style ceiling and mahogany tables and chairs upholstered in crimson leather. The floor was covered with the recently developed linoleum tile and there was a piano in the center of the room for music during dining.



This second class dinner menu dated April 14, shows what ended up being the last meal ever eaten for most of the second class men.

Before all meals, the ship’s bugler would wander the ship decks, sounding the traditional White Star Line meal call, signaling that Titanic's passengers should make their ways to their respective dining rooms.

The second class dining room was situated on the same deck as that of the first class and first and second class shared a kitchen.

Second class passengers were offered some of the same dishes as the first class passengers without all of the fancy decorations. Like the first class passengers, they ate at four mealtimes throughout the day.

Food was closer to home in second class. French rarely appeared with the preference for traditional British food; curried chicken, baked fish, spring lamb, mutton and roast turkey. 

Pudding was also more homely and on the sinking of the Titanic night, the second class passengers actually tucked into Plum Pudding, what we now know as Christmas pudding.




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