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Pictured above are 1st class connecting cabins C-55 and C-57, one of 4 parlor suites aboard Titanic. They included a bedroom, a sitting room, two wardrobes, a bathroom, and a fireplace. The cabins were connected but each had a separate door leading into the outside C-deck hallway. The sitting room (C-55) was of the Regency Decor, and had a fireplace. The wood paneling was inlayed with 24 carat gold gilt. (gold leaf) and the bedroom (C-57) was decorated in Empire Style.

These were the cabins (pictured above) of Ida and Isidor Strauss, the founders of Macy's. Mrs. Strauss refused to board a lifeboat and leave her husband behind. She told her maid (Ellen Bird) to get into a boat and gave her the fur coat she was wearing for warmth. She was reported to have said, "I will not be separated from my husband. As we have lived, so will we die, together." Isidor and Ida Strauss were last seen on deck arm in arm.

Isidor and Ida Strauss

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