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First class dining room in Jacobean decor

(above left image credit: Ghosts of the Abyss - 2003 Disney Pictures)

1st Class dining room windows as they appear today from the 2001 expedition (Cameron, Paxton, Marschall) still intact and unbroken. Above right as they appeared in 1912.





This first class menu dated April 14, shows what ended up being the last meal ever eaten for most of the first class men.

Before all meals, the ship’s bugler would wander the ship decks, sounding the traditional White Star Line meal call, signaling that Titanic's passengers should make their ways to their respective dining rooms.

Passengers on Titanic in first class were by far the best fed. They had paid handsomely for this privilege with their ticket costing 8 times more than second class and over 25 times more than third class. As was the fashion in upper class circles in Edwardian times, food was predominantly French in style though Roast Sirloin Beef still on the menu. 

Titanic's first class passengers tended to linger with cocktails in the reception room outside of their dining room before going in for the meal itself. They were then treated to a veritable feast at every meal. Suppers included over ten courses (with a diverse range of options), including a different wine served at each course. The meal was followed with fresh fruit and cheese, coffee, cigars, and port.

In addition to the gluttonous meals included in the ticket costs, first class Titanic passengers could choose to pay extra and dine in a more private restaurant with food made-to-order; or they could request in-room catering.






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